Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture

We educate students to become skilled professional designers with the ability to create purposeful and imaginative interior environments. You will work in a creative studio alongside multiple disciplines with emergent technology that prepares you for a breadth of career opportunities.

First Year Courses

We have two paths to provide greater opportunity for your career goals. The traditional path leads to professional practice upon graduation, and the second prepares students for an accelerated master’s degree in Architecture.


Fall Courses (16)

ARCH 171 (3)
Design Fundamentals I: Space
ARCH 121 (2)
Representation I, Visual Logic and Perception
IARC 101 (3)
Introduction to the Built Environment
IARC 221 (2)
Theory of Color
ENGL 101 (3)
English Composition I
Communicating Orally Elective (3)

Spring Course (15)

ARCH 172 (4)
Design Fundamentals II: Space
ARCH 122 (2)
Representation II, Visual Logic and Perception
IARC 200 (3)
Human-Environment Relations
ENGL 102 (3)
English Composition II
Communicating Orally Elective (3)

After Graduation Careers in Interior Architecture

A Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture is a fully accredited professional degree that prepares graduates for fulfilling careers in design firms, corporations, government, private practice, academia and more. Each year, virtually all of our graduates have positions within one month of graduation at these and other outstanding organizations. Learn more about our successful students.

Some firms who employ our graduates:

HBG Design – Memphis

Gensler – San Francisco

Sesco Lighting – Knoxville

Zimmer Weintraub Assoc. – Chicago

Scott Brownrigg – New York

HOK – San Francisco

Dwell Studios – Alpharetta

BarberMcMurry Architects – Knoxville

BLUR Workshop – Atlanta

ASD – Jacksonville