4+2: Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture + Master of Landscape Architecture

A unique combined program, earn an undergraduate degree in Interior Architecture and a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture in only six years. You'll stand apart in the industry.


You will begin to design in your first year, and the required Integrations Studio in Year 4 puts design and technical knowledge to practical use. The smooth transition into Landscape Architecture means you’ll quickly be immersed in designing complex landscape systems.

First Year Fall (16)

ARCH 171 (3)
Design I
ARCH 121 (2)
Representation I
ARCH 101/107H (3)
Intro to Built Env
IARC 221 (2)
Color Theory
ENG 101/118H (3) (WC)
MATH 123 (3) (QR)

First Year Spring (15)

ARCH 172 (4)
Design II
ARCH 122 (2)
Representation II
IARC 200/207H (3)
Human Environment Relations
ENG 102 (3) (WC)
ARTH 173/178H (3) (AH)