4+2: Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture + Master of Architecture

Design...functionality...site positioning...construction requirements...interior usability...lighting and systems...creativity...problem solving. If you're passionate about these types of challenges, the 4+2 dual degree could be right up your alley (or hallway or duct work).


Your transition into Master of Architecture actually begins in the fourth year of your Interior Architecture program. But you’ll already be accustomed to the Architecture discipline because here, we integrate our disciplines from Year 1.

Fall Year One (16)

Arch 171 (3)
Arch 121 (2)
IARC 101/107 (3)
IARC 221 (2)
ENG 101/118 (3)
Elective (3)

Spring Year One (15)

Arch 172 (4)
Arch 122 (2)
IARC 200/207 (3)
Eng 102 ()
ARTH 173/178 (3)

All my concepts go back to the connection of people because that’s really what inspires me, and that’s what, as a designer, I would like to get across.

Mary Morgan Smith, Interior Architecture Student

After Graduation Differentiate Yourself

The lines are blurring as design professionals from across various disciplines now collaborate at the beginnings of projects for the good of their clients. Professionals with expertise in more than one discipline stand out.

These two fully accredited degrees lead to career opportunities beyond what one can do alone. Graduates are securing fulfilling employment in a variety of areas, and because they have proven expertise in both Interior Architecture and Architecture, they are ahead of the pack.

And, just to make sure our students are positioned to be hired, we hold a Career Day every year, where more than 50 design firms from across the country pay to attend just to speak with you.