2021-2022 Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report Conveys Impact

The school year, 2021-2022, was one of transition, opportunity and impact. We reemerged from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and more determined to impact lives and communities, and our 2021-2022 annual report conveys this important story.




Our story begins with four important changes: We welcomed a new dean, Jason Young, in July 2021. Our annual report has now transitioned from a calendar year annual report to an academic year report (fall and spring), and this year for the first time, two students in our Graphic Design program worked on the design. Additionally, we chose to significantly reduce the number of printed reports and instead, chose the more sustainable approach of sharing the report digitally. Let us know what you think of this approach. If you miss your printed report, send us an e-mail: AmandaJohnson@utk.edu.

Our story continues with the impact we made during the academic year, 2021-2022. Through design, we are impacting the South, region and world, and we are telling this important story through our students’ work. The students across our college are extraordinary and the work they produce is remarkable. The report shares many examples of this work, as we tell the story of our transitional year through their work and our opportunity to engage with many partners.

Our story would not be complete without including how we are impacted by many partners and invested advocates. The annual report shares stories of this impact and the value it brings to our students’ educational experiences, and it shares opportunities for broader and more impactful partnerships.

As we examined our school year and saw how we impacted and were impacted, we also looked to the future. In that process, we gazed inward at our home, the Art + Architecture Building, one of the best architecture education facilities in the country. As we move into our bright future, we will impact our students’ education by assessing how to make the A+A a platform for 21st century design education and research.

As the story of our 2021-2022 school year closed, we realized we were celebrating “impact”: how we impacted, how we were impacted and how we will impact. The story within this transitional annual report is built on the past, celebrates the present and provokes the future, and we’re eager to meet it.